CHP uses Cerritos College radio to educate students


California Highway Patrol was added to the prominent list of guests that have appeared on “College Community Corner, ” a radio show at WPMD.

Gayle Parks hosts the show and tries to bring in guests that could help out the students that are walking around campus.

“There is a lot they can learn from tuning into the radio station and if you have a field that you need to go into, I usually bring in a guest so you could have a better understanding of what you need to do.”

CHP was on the show for a few weeks to discuss topics such as domestic abuse and drinking and driving, and the latest show was about distracted driving.

Alfredo Perez, a public information officer, talked about the importance of being focused when driving.

“Things that we face on the highway (are) that a lot of teenagers are being killed unnecessarily. Either by being distracted by texting, being on their cellphone, surfing on the Internet (or) looking at their Facebook or Instagram.”

Perez gave the example of how people are often attached to their phone and said, “It just seems like whenever the cellphone rings, we are very anxious to answer it or when a text comes in, we have the tendency, without giving a second thought, we just look at it.”

Car crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers, and texting seems to be one of the main reasons why people are distracted while driving.

“(The) worst of all is texting. Texting takes your mind, your eyes and your hands away while you are driving,” Perez said.

He then put how fast cars travel into perspective and said, “If your car is driving at 50 miles per hour, the car is moving around 40 feet per second. So if you look down to check your phone for a second, you have already traveled 40 feet.”

The message was directed for teenagers, but it could apply to the adults as well.

Gildardo “Demo” Aquino is currently the president of the WPMD Radio and Broadcasting Club and sees the importance of bringing in the officers to talk about distracted driving.

“Things happen in a split second and things have happened to friends of mine that were on the phone and got in an accident from texting.”

“Community College Corner” airs every Tuesday at 1 p.m. and can be heard right outside of the radio station or on its 1700 AM frequency.

“I talk about the weather, the sports, the campus clubs and I do giveaways, but you have to be listening to the show,” Parks said.