New Liberal Arts building designed to help and appeal to students

Sebastian Echeverry

Going to college doesn’t have to involve dragging yourself to a four-walled boring campus with no beyond-high school feel and taste in architecture.

Cerritos college is getting an update of its own with extreme new features that the campus might just not be recognized in the future.

Aldemar Sanchez is the vice president of ASCC and is the student representative in The Facilities Planning Committee, the group at the forefront of the campus overhaul.

According to Sanchez the building on the intersection of Studebaker and Alondra will become the new liberal arts building.

The new liberal arts building, currently under construction, will house an indoor caffee where students can kick back and throw irritated birds at helpless swine on tablets or enjoy each others company over a latte.

Liberal arts will hold classrooms on the upper floor of the building. “Its safe to start building inside now,” Sanchez said, “the rain won’t affect it anyway.” The outer walls of the knew Liberal Arts building has been completed and now the internal installations can commence.

Updated Cerritos is going for the university look and trying to make the campus modern and pleasant for students to actually stick around after class.

“The first floor will be like a caffe, hangout, lounge kind of thing.” Sanchez said, “Elbow Room and Zebra caffe will probably go in there.

“Pretty much it will be couches the whole first floor so students can hang out there, relaxing and doing their homework.”

A sign like the one on the Studebaker and Alondra intersection will be placed in front of the gym.

Sanchez stated that almost every building on campus will be altered in some way. Even the press box in the stadium will have renovations done to it where people could “feel safe”.

Once the buildings near the current liberal arts building and social science building is brought down, the area will be structure-free and will house an outdoor pond.

“It will be like a caffe garden kind of thing,” Sanchez said, “they want to have like a little lake and stream going through, have chairs and trees out there so students could go and relax.” Besides the technological devises being plugged in to the modern buildings the campus reboot will connect students to nature.

Freshman public affairs major Elijah Robert welcomes the campus update. “I think its good because this school needs to be updated, its kind of slacking,” Roberts said, “other schools are being upgraded and I think it will be a good change for Cerritos.”

He would like to see a variety in food choices added to the new reboot the school will under go in the following years.

Sociology major Adelin Vargas believes the school needs more relevancy. “I think it’s a good idea they are adding more technology,” Vargas said, “this school is old and the renovations will attract a lot of people from the outside because people will be like ‘I want to go here because it has nice buildings.’”

The new Liberal Arts Building will be available for use in the summer of 2014. Full projected constructions will not be completed for another 10 years.