Punt, pass, and kicking!

Andrew Casillas

“We wanted to bring the school together and thought kicking a ball as far as you can is good competition.” said Deborah Jensen, the advisor of the Kinesiology Club.

The Cerritos College Kinesiology Club held the first Punt, Pass and Kick Contest on campus. The event had no rules other than to stay behind the limit line (when kicking or throwing the football) and waiting for your turn to compete.

“The idea of the event was to get out and move around because most people don’t have a physical education class and can use some exercise,” Viviana Gallaga, a kinesiology major and president of the club said.

The event went on from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and cost $2 to enter.

The game consisted of receivers down the field that would measure where the football would land. Whoever had the farthest punt, pass or kick wins.

One of the participants in the event was Brandon Romero, a marine biology major and place kicker for the Cerritos College football team.

He mentioned how he was approached on campus and how anyone is able to join the event, but Romero had a special reason, “I’m a kicker and my team was calling me out to do this, so might as well.”

“This guy came up to me and told me about the event (Punt, Pass and Kick contest) and handed me a flier.”

The turnout for the event may not have been what they were hoping for, according to Deborah Jensen, adviser of the Kinesiology Club.

For those who don’t know what kinesiology actually means, it’s “the study of moving anatomy. The major is very broad, it can cover a physical education teacher, physical therapy, coaching and even go into nursing.” As the major has progressed, the spectrum has broadened out a lot,” Jensen said.

“Part of this club is that we want the students to learn how to run events properly and that’s part of the focus to learn how to run activities. Other than discussing kinesiology topics, the focus of our club is to gain leadership experience and learn to work in a community.

Participant Betty Martin, majoring in nursing, shared, “I was having a lot of fun. I wasn’t here to compete. I wanted to support the club.”

“The event was more then just a fundraiser for the club, but also provided great exercise.”

The event helped Martin through physical fitness, reminding her of abilities she forgot she had.

“This helps keep me (to get) in shape and use the skills I forgot I had deep down inside.”

The true idea of the game is supposed to be run by relay teams having three people making up one team.

The turnout wasn’t what the club hoped for, which called for improvisation and most participants to receive rewards.

Child Development major Xitlaly Salcedo was the score keeper of the event, and said, “It was pretty close. Actually, the guys were pretty competitive. (I) would definitely want to do it again. It was really fun.”

The second contest will be held in Spring 2014.