In-N-Out welcomes students to the 2014 spring semester

The In-N-Out cartel truck, provided by the Associated Students of Cerritos College, was present on campus on Monday, Jan.13 and Tuesday, Jan. 14 to welcome the students to the 2014 spring semester as it begins.

The ASCC, the student government, is the one that provides the In-N-Out truck,” ASCC president Juan Ramirez said. “Due to the work of our advisers, they’re the ones who contact In-N-Out and use the budget to get them here every semester.”

The cartel truck gives the students a hamburger, one’s choice of chips and a beverage.

Aside from giving the students a meal and a welcome back, the In-N-Out truck serves another purpose, according to Ramirez.

“[There are] two things we try to accomplish when we bring students In-N-Out. One is that the students get their I.D. sticker because they pay for it when they register for Cerritos College. They pay the CCSA fee, those extra dollars go toward student activities. In order to get In-N-Out you have to get your sticker, so it indirectly tells the students to go get it.

“Two, this is our way of giving back to the students. You know, you get your money back. You get it in the form of In-N-Out.”

Ramirez noted that this service by the ASCC has always attracted a populous crowd.

“We had a good turnout Monday. We always have a good turnout every semester,” he said.

Such good turnouts are due to the food choice being a popular hit among students, with Leonardo Montes, an undecided major, being one of these students.

“I like it. It’s not bad. I’ve enjoyed it. It’s nice to know they give back to the students who come back from break.”

Although he enjoys what is provided, Montes believes that more of a variety, in terms of what is offered by the cartel, would be refreshing.

It’s good that they bring us food and give us this service, but I do think they could at least have more variety in terms of shakes or actual fries.”

Variety in terms of another food service is also something that has been talked about amongst the ASCC, but it has simply been that, discussion, and seeing that In-N-Out has formed a type of camaraderie with the student government, it seems like it is here to stay.

“For a while there were talks about bringing in a Subway,” Ramirez said. “We have always had such great service from In-N-Out, [It] always give us a good deal, but it’s always a potential direction we might head toward.

“It’s not verified and we’re still satisfied with the service we have with the In-N-Out truck, so when that service comes to a halt, maybe [bring in a Subway], but as of right now we enjoy the service [In-N-Out] gives.”