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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Candidates to campaign for upcoming election

Cerritos College will be having elections to fill the roles of leaders in student government starting April 16.

The elections will include a presidential spot, student trustee spot and a vice-president for ASCC.

Candidates for student trustees will include: Vanessa Vega, Joe Nino, Daniel Flores, Lance Makinano.

Presidential candidates will include: Aldemar Sanchez, Miles, Aiello, and Hector Arillano.

The vice presidential candidates are: Dennis Garcia, Charlie Zuniga and Charles Caguoia.

Nino said, “I am running for student trustee because the students at Cerritos College need to have a bigger voice at the Board of Trustees.”

Nino’s goal for the Board of Trustees is to listen to the problems of students so that change can be possible.

“I was an average student and the more I got involved the more I became aware of things. I feel like I am not doing this for myself, I wanted to be a person for the students.

“I feel like there are a lot of things we need to change, I feel like I am the right candidate,” he added.

He wants to leave Cerritos College’s financial situation better as well as help students with many cost saving initiatives like having PDF copies of textbooks.

Aiello said, “I am running to be in the position to motivate students. To publicize ASCC to all of the students on campus so they can know that they have resources to utilize.”

He believes that his goal will help students contribute to the success of Cerritos College and help provide a stable community.

Aiello’s other campaign promises include the addition of recycling, where students will be able to work for hourly wages.

He also wants to promote ASCC and take it to a more professional level. Aiello’s campaign so far as been difficult.

According to Aiello, he had to do a lot inward thinking about the responsibilities that going with being a leader.

Juan Ramirez, president of ASCC, has already made up his mind on who is going to vote for in the coming elections. He has decided to vote for Aiello and Charles Caguioa.

Ramirez states the reason that he is going to vote for Aiello is because he has gotten to work with him.

“I’ve seen this deep down ambition in him to really change the atmosphere of the ASCC and the possibilities of taking it even further in terms of increasing the environmental consciousness of students.”

Ramirez believes that the students need the right leader to help guide the community of Cerritos College.

“The students need an assertive leader and a leader who is willing to admit to his mistakes when he makes them. I feel that it also shows strong character, a (strong character) makes for a great leader,” said Ramirez.

In past elections, candidates would usually campaign by making posters and offering candies to students.

However, not all the candidates were able to campaign on the first day.

Aldemar Sanchez was punished four days of not campaigning due to the fact that he did not turn in his statement on the deadline.

Now, some candidates will be using different ways of getting students out to vote, such as the use of s videos to get their message across.

Many of the candidates have been campaigning since March 27. Only one candidate, students who want to vote will have to bring their Cerritos College ID with the current semester sticker to the voting booths that will be located around campus.

Presidential candidates, vice presidential candidates, and student trustees candidates’ terms will be one year. Elections for all three happen every year in April.

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Candidates to campaign for upcoming election