Student causes disturbance in the DSPS building


Jacqueline Naranjo

Reportedly a female student was causing a disturbance, throwing office supplies including a staff-person’s computer monitor at the Disabled Students Program and Services building.

A disturbance happened at the Disabled Student Programs and Services around noon time on Tuesday, April 29.

Reportedly, a female student was causing a disturbance, throwing office supplies, including a staff-person’s computer monitor.

According Errica Tucker-Cordova, paralegal major, she stated that she heard someone throw something heavy, like a box, and him or her were yelling at the person to stop causing a commotion.

An anonymous source reportedly said that he saw a female student get violent with one of the staff members of the Disabled Student Center.

According to the anonymous source, one of the staffers at the Disabled Student Center detained the female student until campus police arrived.

The source said that the female student might have been mad about classes.

She was later detained by the police; no motive has been confirmed as to why the student caused the disturbance.