Student enrollment priority changes for fall semester

Students may lose priority enrollment if progress probation guidelines not met.

According to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, “The value of a college education cannot be argued. Californians holding an associate or bachelor’s degree are likely to earn $1 million more in their lifetime than a person who holds only a high school diploma.”

Beginning Fall 2014, the magic number to remember on your path to student success in achieving your educational goals at Cerritos College is two.

Continuing students, including those in any state-provided priority enrollment groups are subject to loss of the enrollment priority they would ordinarily been eligible for if they are on progress probation for two consecutive semesters.

Dr. Stephen J. Johnson, vice president/assistant superintendent of Student Services said, “The policy (regarding enrollment priorities) will be published in the inside cover of the class schedule.”

Dr. JoAnna Schilling, vice president/assistant superintendent of Academic Affairs, said the Fall 2014 class schedule will be available online on July 1, the printed class schedule will be available the week of July 7.

She said registration will start on July 14, for students with enrollment priority.

If a student doesn’t meet the criteria stated they will be relegated to register for classes at the end of the enrollment cycle known as Open Enrollment.

This also applies to students that have earned 100 degree-applicable, non-basic skills and non-ESL units. The exception to all these rules is current and former foster youth.

Continuing student enrollment appointments will be set on the basis of units earned and cumulative grade point average at Cerritos College.

There are four identified student sections known as “tiers,” which contain student groups, in this new priority enrollment criteria to be implemented beginning the upcoming Fall 2014.

Priority enrollment for new students must complete assessment, orientation, counseling with a student education plan, and who have identified a study course, will get this enrollment priority.

If a student has completed 15 units of degree-applicable credit course work, or before the end of the third semester, these first time students must complete the same requirements as stated above.

Student Groups with Priorities:
Tier 1 shall include: 1) Armed Forces Personnel and recent Veterans, within four years of leaving active duty. 2) Foster Youth who are up and including 24 years of age. 3) EOPS students who are formally enrolled in Extended Opportunity Programs ans Services. 4) DSPS students who are identified and enrolled in Disabled Student Programs and Services. 5) CalWORKS students enrolled in the program.

Tier 2 shall include: 1) Scholars’ Honors Students who have been officially admitted to the College’s program each term and are currently enrolling in Scholars’ Honors Program courses and/or Scholars’ Honors contracts. 2) Student Athletes who have been deemed eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. 3) Mandatory Enrollment Requirement Students in compliance with program requirements and who are in grant-funded programs with enrollment priority requirements. 4) Matriculated Students who, prior to their first semester of enrollment have completed the admission, orientation, assessment and advisement components of matriculation as defined by the college. 5) Students in groups identified for enhanced and/or expedited student success measures where trial, grant-funded, and/or other special groups for student success, short-term measures are employed.

Tier 3 shall include: 1) Continuing Students who were enrolled in the previous academic year or summer session, but if a student didn’t attend the summer session they won’t lose the continuing student status. The definition includes non-credit students who are registering for credit courses. 2) Returning Students who have completed at least one credit unit at Cerritos College and are returning after a break of no more than one semester excluding summer session.

Tier 4 shall include: 1) College Bridge Students which consist of high school juniors and seniors. 2) Special Admit (Grades K-10) Students. This is for talented elementary and secondary students through the 10th grade.

The enrollment priorities criteria began in 2011 and approved by the state Senate in May 2012. A press release from the CCCCO stated Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the Student Success Act of 2012, the legislative cornerstone of a CCC reform initiative aimed at improving educational outcomes for students and better preparing the workforce needed for California’s changing economy.