Accreditation Commission issues warnings to Cerritos College

Cerritos College was issued warnings from the Accreditation Commission after a report from the External Evaluation Team during the month of July.

Despite the warnings, Cerritos College will still be able to keep its accreditation. The college is required to do a follow-up report on March 15, 2015.

Cerritos College also received commendations for the iFalcon program and “The 7 Circles”, a student success model that was established in 2006, as well as for other student services and programs.

The warnings address three areas where Cerritos College falls short of standards set by the Accreditation Commission.

These recommendations include an establishment of a student learning program related to degrees and certificates that deals with student success.

The Commission also issued a recommendation for the Board of Trustees and president/superintendent so they can comply with the Accreditation Standards.

The report also recommended that the Board of Trustees should comply with Accreditation Standards through their behavior and actions.

For further information regarding the recommendations and the full Accreditation report, follow the link

Cerritos College President Dr. Linda Lacy shared her thought on some of the revelations included in the report.

“It wasn’t a total surprise or total shock when we actually got the final report. You are always very disappointed when you are put on any type of sanction,” said Lacy.

The City College of San Francisco, home to about 80,000 students, was issued an  accreditation warning last year and is currently trying to restore its status, including a trial against the Accrediting Commission that will determine the accreditation status of the school.

This is an improvement from the last accreditation evaluation in which Cerritos College received eight recommendations as opposed to the three recommendations they got this year, according to Dr. Lacy.

Dr. Lacy said that the college is already working toward a student learning program and is confident it will finish its work next January.

She also mentioned that the board is going to plan a study session to deal with the issues that were included in the report.

She also went on to express her confidence in Cerritos College on its initiative to improve the issues mentioned in the report.

“I have great hopes that by the time March comes around, we can show that we had tremendous progress.

“We got a great college here, and we’re doing a lot of wonderful things in this community for our students,” said Dr. Lacy.

The PDF  of the Accreditation Commission’s standards and policies for accreditation can be read here .