Another low turnout for second day of Senate election


Tyrece Britton, a kinesiology major, participating in the voting polls. Photo credit: Daniel Green

Voting polls were out Thursday, Sept. 11, for the second-straight day of ASCC Senate elections from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. across campus.

As a recurring theme from the first day, students were again saying they were misinformed and did not engage as much in voting for the second day.

Business major, Ivan Ramirez, said,“I do not even know what the senator of the school does, so why should I vote?”

Again, students were saying that voting would be much easier if the polls included pictures.

Jada Blanshasd, who is running for Senate, responded, “I think it is a really good idea; I am bad with names. I feel like if there are pictures, I would also recognize the person if I knew them and vote for them.”

Computer Science major and Vice President of ASCC Charles Caguioa agrees that pictures for elections would be a good idea to bring next time, but the lack of votes are mainly because people do not know what the student senate consists of.

“A senator is basically someone that represents all the students we have here on campus,” he said.

Becoming a senator means representing students here on campus. Being a student representative for Cerritos College student body ultimately has a proactive voice in being able to improve student life.

Caguioa added, “It is not only important to vote for senates, but also for any position in student government.”

Miles L. Aiello, ASCC Student Body president said,“Students have a very impactful voice here at Cerritos College, and we would love to hear that more.”

As for people running for Senate, like Blanshasd, she says, “ Becoming part of Senate is great, and I have gained more respect.”

She also added, “ I cannot wait (to) get the students more involved in the school’s community.”