University Mega Fair brings information about transferring to students


Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

Around 50 to 60 university booths were on campus, so students could obtain information about their future transfer schools during the University Mega Fair that took place Tuesday, Sept. 16, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Falcon Square.

“We do three university fairs a year; one of them is called the Mega Fair, and that’s what we have today with 50 to 60 different universities visiting. “Students are here to get involved; they’re coming in talking with the representatives, getting information to see what they need to do to get to that next level,” Coordinator of Transfer Center, Brittany Condeen, explained.

She added, “A lot of the times, students are so narrow in the way that they’re focusing on just one school; and this university fair, what it does is give them an opportunity to check out different schools and maybe consider a school that they’ve never considered before and get information about it.”

The University Mega Fair helps the students here at Cerritos College, from the ones that are just starting to the ones that are getting ready to transfer.

Representatives at each booth had dozens of flyers and brochures filled with information regarding schools and the requirements that students need to transfer.

UC Berkeley representative Esperanza Bernal stated, “We are here to provide access to information, there is a lot of incorrect information that is given to students; for instance, I just heard that you need to be in community college for four years, and that couldn’t be further from the truth; therefore, it’s our job to provide information to those who want to learn more about our school so they won’t be fooled.”

As Bernal explained, a lot of students, whether it’s the ones that are fresh out of high school or the ones that have been at Cerritos for awhile and are ready to transfer, have a multitude of misconceptions as to how and what they have to do to transfer to a specific school.

UC Riverside representative, Diana Garcia, said, “Many of the students do not know the right requirements to transfer to our school, so basically we are here to help those who don’t know and are interested. We also help them out with information on not only how what is needed to transfer, but also the tuition of our school and the housing, so students can get an idea of how it would be like to transfer.”

Tuesday’s University Mega Fair helped students who had questions about certain schools, but students can get information outside of the University Mega Fair by making an appointment with one of the counselors at the Cerritos Transfer Center.

The next fair this year is the mini fair which takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 13, on the library sidewalk from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.