Facilities Master Plan talked about at Board of Trustees meeting

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

An overview of building schematics and layouts of construction was presented by David El Fattal at the board of trustees meeting Wednesday, Oct. 30.

The revised item on the agenda had El Fattal break down the remaining process of the Facilities Master Plan.

The Multipurpose and Business and Education Buildings serve as swing-space for now; the use is to eliminate extra costs, as El Fattal noted that the inclusion of these two structures as storage has proven to be cost-efficient.

What’s left to be built from the Master Plan is the Child Development Center, the LRC Building and the Culinary Arts kitchen.

The Child Development Center is set for completion by December.

The remaining buildings that are poised for construction must first await the demolition of the Technology Building, which will pave the room for the new CIS, Math and Fine Arts Building.

Still undergoing design is the Health and Wellness complex.

An overview of the Fine Arts, CIS and Math Buildings that El Fattal gave showed that the current bid status of the buildings pushed its previous occupancy date of Fall 2016 to Spring 2017.

Moreover, the bids are at a higher cost than the original construction estimate.

An example scenario that El Fattal showed showcased a jump of $37.5 million to $43.1 million.

Even further, the delays with bidding also have to do with five mathematical errors that were made in the planning.

Marisa Perez, a trustee, expressed concern, “Why have these protections if we don’t utilize them?”

Director of Purchasing Mark Logan said that the errors are a common occurrence during the processes, however.

In an effort to increase “efficiency and transparency,” El Fattal highlighted the Planetbids service; the process of construction can be handled and analyzed online.

“We’re looking forward to having it fully implemented in the near future,” he said.

It takes time, he noted.

In regards to that same goal, a pursuit of additional state funding was also revealed.

The additional money would allow more money and funding for the Falcon Center; Business Education and Language Arts; and Health Sciences.

“Everybody wants more; every program wants more … but we have to hold the cost … we don’t have an infinite reserve of money,” El Fattal said.



  • The next board of trustees meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 15, at 6 p.m.
  • It was stated that the Facilities Master Plan’s additional goal as of now is to emulate the successful process of the Liberal Arts and DSPS Building.
  • LEED has not been factored into the budgets of the buildings.
  • K-12 inclusion is seeking to be implemented for building processes.
  • An increase in outreach for construction affiliates was suggested.