Timeline for Fresh and Natural re-rating pending

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

An official rating re-evaluation of Fresh and Natural will have to wait on the word of a health specialist, who will come to check out the vendor in an unspecified amount of time.

Dean of Student Services Gilbert Contreras’ brief Friday, Oct. 3, evaluation of Fresh and Natural proved that the vendor had improved sanitation processes.

“We got to layout the concerns that we had as a campus and share (with it) that we want to continue to partner with Fresh and Natural,” he said. “But, we do have some current concerns that we wish to address. I think the best part was learning what (it has) been doing, what steps (it has) taken to address the ‘C’ rating that it got.”

According to the official inspection report, Fresh and Natural got a “C” rating with a score of 72.

Some marks against Fresh and Natural included improper eating, drinking and tobacco usage; improper glove use; improper temperatures; improper cooling methods; and a presence of some vermin.

An apparent re-evaluation states that Fresh and Natural had rectified the problems.

The re-evaluation report states, “At the time of follow up, re-inspection health code violations as noted on the food official inspection report dated 9-22-14 corrected. Report abated.”

Contreras said, “Some of the cleanliness issues, as well as a lot of the problems (Fresh and Natural was) cited for were able to be fixed on site; corrected on site.”

Time had been dedicated to train the staff on proper sanitation practices.

According to that re-evaluation, a proper rating guideline would have Fresh and Natural have an “A” rating present day. However, an official evaluation of that kind has yet to be made.

Cheryl Dallas, an REHS health specialist, is the one who will conduct such evaluations for the vendor. When that will be is still to be decided.

Contreras said, “I’m trying to get involved to see if we could kind of speed things up. According to Fresh and Natural, (it doesn’t) have a set time to get a better rating, which is why I’m trying to contact and speed things up. So, hopefully I can get to her.”

He observed first-hand some of the changes Fresh and Natural has made.

“I’ve been walking through the facility and have seen that proper procedures have been taken. I did observe that on Friday. But, again, Friday is low traffic. I’ll be walking around this week. Something (the representatives of Fresh and Natural) pointed out is that the Elbow Room, which they also handled, received an ‘A,’ so they (Fresh and Natural personnel) know how to receive an ‘A,’ it’s just a matter about fixing procedures. I think it’s good we all keep our eyes on (the vendor), not only that, but all our service providers. Make sure it’s all clean.”

An update will follow as more is heard from Dallas and her visit to re-evaluate Fresh and Natural’s rating.