Homecoming nominees hopeful despite dismal student outcome


Carlos Holguin

Six of the seven Homecoming Queen nominees stand together during the introduction ceremony that occurred Monday, Oct. 13. Voting for Homecoming Queen will occur this week, with the results being announced at the Homecoming game Saturday, Oct. 18 Photo credit: Carlos Holguin

Carlos Holguin

Despite troubles with the sound system, rows of barren seats and a late start, the homecoming court was introduced in the Student Center on Monday, Oct. 13.

The stage in the Student Center was converted into a runway so that the potential queens could walk between the divided seating section for audience members to view.

While some students did attend the ceremony, most of the seats were empty due to a poor turn out. The students that remained in the Student Center did provide light applause.

Of the seven students nominated for Homecoming Queen, only six were present for the introduction ceremony. The seventh, Jaci Navas, the only nominee that is not representing a club on campus, was unable to attend.

Each nominee had something to say regarding how it felt to be nominated, and why students should vote for them.

  • Samantha Vasquez, Order of The Falcon.

“It felt good. It’s something new that I’m doing. All the candidates are nice and fun, at least the ones I’ve talked to.

“It’s like representing the whole school, and I think I’m a good representative. I don’t dress up or do anything fancy; I’m like other casual students.”

  • Marnie Arcilla, Kabarkada Club

“I was really excited. At first we were both nominated, me and my sister, so I was surprised when I made it.

“Students should vote for me because I feel like I am a pretty good representative of students on campus. Since I’m involved in other clubs, as well, I feel like I can be a good voice for students if they have other ideas or suggestions.”

  • Wendy Sixtos, Child Development Club

“I’m really excited to be here. I didn’t think I was going to get this far, so it’s really exciting to be here.

“I’m really involved in school. I’m president of the Child Development Club, and I really want to get my club out there. And just to show that anyone can go out there and win this.”

  • Areal Hughes, Queer Straight Alliance Club

“I was actually really ecstatic. My escort, who’s going to be my escort on Saturday, was actually the one who nominated me. Someone believed in me enough to think ‘Hey, I believe she can do it.’

“To be a queen, you have to have grace, class, humility, leadership and kindness; and I believe I have all of those traits.”

  • Alejandra Luz, iFalcon club

“It’s a great feeling. I’ve never been nominated before. It feels nice.”

“I represent iFalcon, and that stands for student success.”

  • Stacy Sandoval, Phi Beta Lambda

“It’s an honor knowing people chose me among the other seven.

“Students should vote for me because I’m very outgoing and loving. I would love to win this year. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Voting for Homecoming Queen will continue throughout the week, and the results will be announced at this Saturday’s Oct. 18 homecoming game.