New members appointed to Senate

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

Senators were informed of the possible cancellation of the Fall Banquet Awards, in addition to new senators being appointed to the ASCC Senate in the Wednesday, Oct. 15, meeting.

It is still not decided whether or not the Fall Banquet ceremony will take place or not.

In past meetings, members of the Senate made a list of pros and cons on why or why not the Fall Banquet ceremony should take place.

“We should keep the awards; Fall Banquet, because if we do get rid of it, I feel like a lot of the students will not be as involved; not only in student government, but in clubs in general on campus, because a lot of the students are involved to get an award,” Aldemar Sanchez said.

Pros and cons were weighed during the meeting.

Although it has not been decided yet, it will be decided in the next few days.

During the meeting, also, there were three new senators appointed to Senate, which were sophomores Cristian Hernandez, Luis Guzman and Alejandro Martinez, a former senator, who was reappointed.

After these three senators were appointed for Senate – the current roster for Senate is 32.

“We currently have a couple more seats in Senate, still open for mainly the freshman senators,” Vice-President Charles Caguoia said.

All other topics presented in the meeting will be appointed in the meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 22, at 2 p.m.