Putting a spin on financial literacy


Gustavo Lopez

Rio Medina, outreach coordinator and student services assistant and Rosa Alejo, student services assistant helping students educate themselves about checks and financial aid. The booth was set up outside the library. Photo credit: Gustavo Lopez

Gustavo Lopez

Students were given the chance to win prizes like tote bags, stickers and shirts at the Financial Aid booth in front of the library on Thursday, Oct. 23. All students had to do was fill out a check correctly, and if they did, they got to spin the wheel.

The Financial Literacy Campaign was sponsored by the Financial AId office and Icanaffordcollege.com, a website that informs students on financial aid.

“We’re trying to make students more financially intelligent; by doing so, we’re teaching them how to use a budget,” Rio Medina said, outreach coordinator-student affairs assistant.

The point of the literacy campaign was to teach students about their needs versus their wants and how to manage their money.

“Doing something like this is really important because students need to be financially intelligent, no matter what part of their education they’re at, especially if they want to transfer,” Medina added.

Cornelius Wells, a computer science major, said, “We noticed that a lot of people don’t know how to fill out checks so we’re trying to test their [the students’] knowledge, and if they don’t know we’ll teach them.”

Wells was dressed as a dollar bill and was encouraging fellow students to participate.

Susana Soto, a physics major, won a few prizes, “I wanted to challenge myself in the check thing, because since I work in a retail store people do checks, so I was like ‘oh, let me see if I know it.'”

She won a tote bag and was glad she knew how to do a check properly.