Go Green goals discussed, game room decision postponed

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

“In comparison to other community colleges, Cerritos College is dramatically behind the term of being ‘sustainable’ especially in comparison to community colleges up north, specifically in transportation, energy efficiency and recycling,” said ASCC President Miles Aiello during his presentation in the Senate meeting for Nov. 19

Aiello made a very deliberate presentation on the Go Green task force student initiative that is being adopted on campus.

He went over the main points of the initiative and he also presented the goals that they have for this school year which are the following:

  • Hydration Stations (11 possible spots)
  • Expanding the recycling program
  • Implementing a bike transportation center
  • Nullifying Styrofoam on campus
  • Publicizing Go Green throughout the campus
  • Earth Day, bigger, better and with more impact

“We cant really argue against sustainability because it is not only awarding us individually, it is awarding the community and that’s what it comes down to, giving back to the community and seeing how can we leave this institution better than how we first found it,” added Aiello.

On another note, Vice President Charles Caguioa informed Senate of a student initiative project that will “reform and professionalize various structures and processes in ASCC that students abide lead or model by.”

The game room discussion item was postponed to be discussed for next week’s Senate meeting on Nov. 26.