Zebra Cafe in talks for small renovations

Sebastian Aguayo, Staff Writer

Zebra Cafe, a small coffee shop located at the Social Science Building, is in talks for small renovations during the summer of 2015.

“They (school administrators) want to do small renovations on the cafe shop, which I think will be good for the store,” Shaun Paek, a former engineer from Texas, said. “But, the store is pretty small, so I don’t exactly know how it’s going to be done.”

Paek is the one usually in charge of the small coffee shop. He came to Los Angeles and started the Zebra Cafe at Cerritos College in 1997.

Zebra Cafe’s small contract with Starbucks allows the vendor to sell Seattle’s Best Coffee and other hot drinks, such as Mochas and Lattes, the popular sellers. Along with pastries like bagels, muffins and cheese danishes.

“It all depends on the weather,” Ria Anita, a graduate from UCI and employee of the Zebra Cafe, said, “On a cold day, a regular coffee. Hot, a blended mocha.”

Because of its good reputation, it has been able to keep steady customers and go to Golf Tournaments for Foundations

According to Paek, the Zebra Cafe donated $2,500 to Cerritos College in the last Golf Tournament attended.

“I’m really happy with the students and the nice environment,” he said. “My philosophy is no arguments. Be nice and keep a good relationship with students.”