New drum line equipment on the run

Carlos Holguin

Working in conjunction with members of the ASCC, Director of Bands and Orchestras Dr. David Betancourt wishes to upgrade some of the college’s drumline equipment.

“Part of what we are requesting is not for the entire band, but for the drumline, which is part of the pep band,” said Betancourt. “It traditionally plays before our football games.”

The new upgrades would allow members of the drumline to become a mobile unit.
The current proposed legislation would purchase a variety of harnesses and straps to allow students to carry equipment.
Dr. Betancourt expressed that these straps would not only allow students to move around while also helping when it comes to moving the instruments easily.
Without the use of equipment that allows for more movement and freedom, the band would have some difficulty during those games. The cost for the request totals over $5,000.
“Before a game, we find a way to somehow get the equipment over there and set it up in the stands,” Betancourt said.
He added, “We don’t move at all, we just stay right there. We use what is called stadium stands, where you put them down, and that’s it,”
The lowered requirements to move and set up the instruments would allow the band members to participate in more events on campus.
Miles Aiello, ASCC president, wished to help create this legislative measure, being no stranger to bands himself, having played the snare drum when he was younger.
This thought spurred Aiello to contact Dr. Betancourt to discuss what the band needed and how it can become more noticeable.
“If (the pep band) is going to be playing at more events, it needs equipment that is up to date,” Aiello said.
In addition, the proposed legislative piece would also set aside some revenue to help the drumline purchase official jackets to maintain a professional look both on and off campus.
“We are really interested in being part of school spirit and being more involved with campus life,” Betancourt said.
“In order to do that, though, it means more wear and tear on the equipment which is also why we requested what are called heads, that help prevent that.
“I think the benefit is campus wide to bring that energy. When you bring a drumline to any event, the energy just goes way up.”
Students that are interested in helping the legislation to pass can express themselves at ASCC Senate meetings on Wednesdays in room BK 111 at 2 p.m.