ASCC Court welcomed new Associate Justice


Associate Justice Pro Tempore Gabriela Gutierrez , ASCC Court Secretary Tam Tran, Associate Justice Trent Coates, Associate Justice Andrew Ballantyne, Associate Justice Michael Palafox, Associate Justice Eddie De La Rosa, and Associate Justice Clerk Victor Macias. This was Associate Justice Trent Coates first meeting as part of the ASCC Court. Photo credit: Perla Lara

Perla Lara, Staff Writer

With the absence of Chief Justice Alejandra Lopez and Associate Justice Michael Melindo, it was Associate Justice Pro Tempore Gabriela Gutierrez who presided over the Tuesday March 3, 2015 ASCC Court meeting.

Gutierrez introduced the new Associate Justice Trent Coates.

Coats having shared a political science class with Gutierrez, began to have an interest in student government.

“After class he came to asked me about court. He got more information about ASCC Court and liked the idea of being more involved,” Gutierrez said.

The meeting following protocol opened up the floor to the public at which time ASCC Senator Joseph Fierro took the floor.

He expressed his thanks to the ASCC court for making March in March a successful event.

He especially wanted to thank the not-present-Chief Justice Lopez, saying ‘she was a big part of making the event successful.’

Next came the Advisor’s report from Assistant to the Coordinator of Student Activities Daniel Gomez.

In his report Gomez welcomed Coates and remarked that the March in March event was very successful.

On the topic of the upcoming student elections he said that the election guidelines where not fully ready yet but would be completed and distributed in the forthcoming days.

The first order of old business in the agenda was the student government notations presented by Associate Justice Eddie De La Rosa.

The item is a legislation concerning the adding of the ASCC student government into the transcripts.

De La Rosa asked for the item to be moved to the next meeting stating that legislation is closed to being finalized and would be presented to the court next week.

With Lopez being absent her reports on the March in March event and her demonstration of online voting were also moved to following Tuesday’s agenda.

The final item on the agenda was the election board committees.

There were some court members that had not chosen what board they would serve on.

The trustee election board will now have Associate Justice Michael Melindo, Associate Justice Michael Palafox and Associate Justice Trent Coates.

The Presidential Election board will now have Chief Justice Alejandra Lopez, Associate Justice Pro Tempore Gabriela Gutierrez, Associate Justice Clerk Victor Macias, and Associate Justice Secretary Tam Tran.

With the election board committees now having all members Gutierrez said, “Now we can talk about availability and figure out when we can all meet to review election codes and plan.”