Child Development Center gets frozen for Snowy Day

Denny Cristales , Freelance Writer

It was a day filled with ice, snow and blizzards. And, no, this wasn’t the east coast.

Elsa, Olaf and other Frozen-like wonders were present, as the Child Development Center was host to Snowy Day on Friday, Feb. 20.

Snow was brought in and poured through the back side of the playground, with an area catered to throwing snowballs and two snow slides for sleighing down available for children.

Snowy Day had a largely prominent Frozen theme to it, as the activities were all related to characters or plot points from the movie.

Kids had a chance to dance with Elsa, or pelt Olaf with snowballs. Everything Frozen was available for all willing to participate.

Megalis Lopez, who brought her two daughters and sons with her husband, cited that the roomy atmosphere of the new center, along with it being public now, allowed Snowy Day to be more personable and more family oriented.

“He [Lopez’s son] really loves it, and we love it, too,” she said. “I just really love what the center does for the kids and the families. It’s just really good to bring everyone together. And the kids have fun with it, so you can’t really go wrong with that.”

It was the fifth year the center hosted the event, but it was the first time it was present in the renovated and relocated spot.

A new and sleek look for the center, but it proved to be slightly more work.

Marlen Murray, a teacher for four-year-old students at the center, said that the biggest part of it was just bringing in the truck for the snow, as the now-spacious center ironically had the problem of fitting the truck through.

The program relies on volunteer work from parents and its staff to setup and plan the entire structure of the event.

Diana Jimenez, an intern at the Child Development Center, said, “This is my first time here, and it’s just great to see everyone working together to get it going … I love seeing the kids interact with each other.”

Snowy Day is the Child Development Center’s most anticipated event by the children, according to Murray, as they consistently would bring up the event as the date drew close.

“Oh, they love it,” she said.

The reason for the Frozen theme is due to popular demand by children; their input is largely considered.

Last year’s event also had elements of Frozen tied in, as well.