Dr. Angelica Loera Suarez answers public forum questions

Gustavo Lopez

The Teleconference Center was host to the second presidential candidate, Dr. Angelica Loera Suarez, who introduced herself to the audience and answered questions in a public forum.

The forum was held from 11 a.m. to noon.

According to her she has come full circle from student to faculty and administrator. She is also a first generation student.

The questions from the audience ranged from finance, Board of Trustee relations, improvement in the quality of life for staff and students at Cerritos and even a request to keep the answers to one minute.

Suarez said,”Obviously this is an involved college and they’re excited about their new president and they want to make the right decision,”

One of her talking points was giving students better programs or practicums for success as well for staff and faculty.

“In terms of providing student health services, I think that’s essential. Some students may not be able to afford insurance,” she added.

Suarez also spoke about a program she was involved with, Puertas al Futuro, which promoted a connection or bridge between high school students and college.

“I can tell you the same about expanding our EOPS program, or the Veteran’s Resource Center and counseling, all of them are very important,” she said.

Daren Kong, biology major, said, “I think she sounded great, she said she had a lot of experience as a student, then faculty and an administrator.”

Suarez’s past experiences include vice president of student affairs, academic dean in the district’s Higher Education Centers in Otay Mesa and San Ysidro and academic dean at Wright College in Chicago.