New committee aims for equal education

Monica Gallardo, Opinion Editor

“The Student Equity Committee is to support the continuing achievement of student equity in access to the college, course completion, ESL and basic skills completion, degree and certificate achievement and transfer velocity,” said Vice President of Student Services Stephen Johnson.

The Committee will facilitate and follow the Student Equity Plan. It will also administer funding requests, monitor practices within the committee and report them to the college.

“The committee’s work will be focused on student equity outcomes and achievement,” he added.

The Student Equity Plan looks at student performance trends and needs.

Johnson said, “As we review the data, we will consider supporting programs and services designed to enhance our effectiveness in one or more of the five indicators: access, course completion, ESL and basic skills (Math and English) completion, degree and certificate achievement and transfer velocity.”

The Student Equity Plan will evolve throughout time depending on the needs of students and will be open to recommendations designed to improve student outcomes.

Child Development major Jocelyn Cabrera said, “I think it’ll benefit the campus because it gives students more options for success.”

To promote student success, the Committee will work with programs such as iFalcon, EOPS, DSPS, Adult Education and the Math and English Departments.

Psychology major Andrew Tijerina said, “I think it’d be smart to put a flyer in almost all the classrooms so students can be aware of this committee, and have one in the Admissions Office too.”

Student Equity is a shared governance committee, meaning that students, faculty, staff and managers are on the committee.

“Many of the members are selected by their campus constituent group, such as the Faculty Senate or ASCC,” Johnson explained. “Certain other members are selected by their department or program, such as the Math Department and Counseling Services.”

The remaining members are chosen based on their position on campus. “There are seats for the Faculty Senate President, the Dean of Counseling Services, and the Associate Dean of Adult Education/Diversity Programs, to name some of the members,” he added.

Tijerina said, “It would benefit the campus because then you give underprivileged students more opportunities to better themselves in their education and [improve the school].”