Financial aid awareness fair educates students


Computer Science major Cornelius Wells helps two students at a game booth during the Financial Aid Awareness Fair. The game booth provided information about FAFSA eligibility. Photo credit: Gustavo Lopez

Monica Gallardo, Opinion Editor

The Financial Aid Awareness Fair was held since Monday, April 20 and gave students the chance to learn more about applying for financial aid by participating in a course of games.

Thursday, April 23 marked the final day of the Financial Aid Awareness Fair held in front of the Cerritos College library.

Computer Science major Cornelius Wells was in charge of one of the game booths which provided students with FAFSA information.

“Basically I’m just telling them the llimits of FAFSA so I’m letting them know that they only get six years of FAFSA because a lot of people don’t know that, ” he said.

His game booth involved the act of students using a toy gun to shoot through various targets.

After a student finished the task, they would move on to the next game booth until receiving a stamp at the end. The stamp could then be used to get free chips and pizza.

English major and student-worker Kenia Feliciano was pleased with the turnout and shared the importance of students submitting their financial aid forms as early as possible.

“It avoids longer lines, avoids the headaches,” she said.

The event is held every semester and students are encouraged to submit their forms in January and February, with everything done by March second.

“[Students] could always go on the website to look up the dates,” Feliciano said.

The fair served to inform students about the deadlines and rules about financial aid.

Nursing major Jackie Villamil said, “First you apply, you wait for a response and then you wait for your amounts that you’re eligible for. Then you submit whatever forms they’re asking for.”