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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Police and Health Center inform student populace

Grester Celis-Acosta
The Student Health and Wellness Center recently teamed with Campus Police to put together a flier with a list of all the different services that both have on campus it’s called “Stay Falcon Safe!” The Student Health and Wellness Center employee is looking over at some paper work. Photo credit: Grester Celis-Acosta

Student safety, student wellness and student success are three important conditions and roles that any college plans to provide its students.

Cerritos College; however, has decided to provide a flier in which a list of the entire student services that both the Student Health & Wellness Center and Campus Police Department provide to students and where they can get help.

The flier was suggested to professors to be placed in the class syllabus, so students have the information available to them if they need it.

Associate Dean Student of Health & Wellness Hillary Mennella, was one of the persons that helped put this flier together.

“We were hoping that [professors] included this flier into their syllabus’ then it would be more readily available for students. I worked on this with [police] Chief Gallivan because a lot of what we do overlaps close together, so we decided to put Chief Gallivan’s services and Student Health Services on one flier,” Mennella said.

The flier came together in the spring semester of this year.

According to Chief of Police Tom Gallivan, who also helped put together the “Stay Falcon Safe!” flier, said, “The flier was put together as a resource, kind of telling students what resources [are on campus] like campus police, where we have safety escorts if someone needs an escort at night… and then the bicycle registration that we do, crime reporting that we do and basically that kind of information.”

Galivan said that the response to request for professors to place this flier in the syllabus was positive and that they were receptive to the idea.

He said, “What we hope to accomplish is to let the students and the campus community know that if they’re experiencing any issues or need assistance there’s a place on campus where you can go to.”

According to Mennella, the amount of students that come to the Wellness Center range anywhere form 350 to 450 a month, but drops off over the summer.

As for sexual assault and stalking reports, there has been none according to Chief Galivan, but in the year 2013 there was a total of two reports of sexual assault and in 2014 there was one sexual assault report and two stalking reports.

Detailed information regarding the flier and the rest of the services that are on the list are available Cerritos.edu.

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Grester Celis-Acosta, Managing Editor
I am Grester Celis-Acosta, I will the Managing Editor for Fall 2015. This will also be my third and final semester at Talon Marks and Cerrtios College. A little bit about me is that I love video games and music preferably hip hop. When I’m not busy with school I either play some video games or I just listen to music and relax. Twitter: @GresterC
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Police and Health Center inform student populace