Cerritos College community elects Homecoming Court

Taylor Ogata

Body positivity, leadership and experience were among the topics on the platforms of homecoming court hopefuls who filled Falcon Square.

On Wednesday, Sept. 30 and Thursday, Oct.1 booths were set up in Falcon Square, the Social Science Building and the Health Science building in order to have students of Cerritos College cast their votes to elect the 2015 Homecoming Court.

Student Events Specialist Cynthia Chavez said, “Students will be able to pick seven candidates. The top seven vote getters will move on to the next election the following week. The top vote getter out of those seven will be crowned Homecoming Queen.”

The ten candidates were: Krishna Verma, April Macias, Anika Nicado, Megan Kim, Julia Plecnik, Nicole Bonnette, Justine Santos, Ana Ong, Alveena Memon, and Lauren Mercado.

According to ASCC Court Megan Kim, April Macias, Alveena Memon, Krishna Verma, Nicole Bonnette, Julia Plecnik and Ana Ong, have moved on in the running to become Homecoming Queen.

Students can vote for one of these seven candidates to become Homecoming Queen on Wednesday, Oct. 7 and Thursday, Oct. 8

Alveena Memon, current commissioner of daytime activities, said, she wants to represent intelligence, creativity, curiosity, all great leadership skills.

“I’m in student government right now and last semester I was the assistant commissioner of outreach and I reached out to a couple of students to help them get their AA degrees by giving them information about going to workshops.”

“The club info day, the game that was out, I came up with that game to help students engage in a club activity and I was the assistant productions manager for the 60th anniversary,” Memon said.

According to Memon, she was chosen for the task because she demonstrated the most leadership.

Krishna Verma, dental assisting major, expressed that she was running for homecoming court for fun and experience.

“I get to go to different activities and that would be cool because I’m kind of shy to go to different activities, but like if I’m the homecoming queen I’d feel motivated, people would want me to be there,” Verma said.

Julia Plecnik, kinesiology major, also expressed interest in running for homecoming court for fun and experience, but added that she wants to help the school and community.

“Also, mostly for women. I want to tell them ‘look, you can be whoever you want to be. You’re pretty, you’re beautiful from the outside and inside.’ I want to tell every woman out there, ‘do what you want to do, who cares if people judge, who cares about what they say about you […],'” Plecnik said.

She added that she wants to promote this attitude amongst women.

As the candidates passed out treats and explained their platforms to potential voters, the booths began to flourish with student voters.

“Honestly, I just came to vote because of the candy, but she was really nice too,” Felix Avila, sociology major, said of Memon.

“I voted because I would like to see change and a better resolution for our school and I’d like to see the person who wins bring change to Cerritos College,” Jesse Aviles, architecture major, said.