Free edu email accounts available for students

Rob Flores

Associated Students of Cerritos College President Eduardo De La Rosa has had his email account since serving as an associate justice last spring.

De La Rosa said, “This isn’t new, we always had the emails, but we want to get the word out to students.”

Free student email accounts are accessible for students at any point.

He added, “To me having a student email has helped me get faster responses because it looks better.”

Cerritos College President Dr. Jose Fierro said, “People move or change numbers and emails, but the student email will always be a sure way to contact someone.”

He added, “We are already making progress to connect our systems and I will report to the board when something is implemented.”

Public Affairs Coordinator Daniel Gomez also stated that signing up for an email takes no more than two minutes.

Gomez said, “Our emails are actually powered by Google Docs.”

He also promoted that one of the benefits students get with the email is a discount to sign up for a Prezi account.

Vice President of Business Services Dr. David El Fattal said, “With a student email you have access to discount software and colleges can send you formal messages.”

Dr. El Fattal explained that the college wants to save students money.

Students interested in getting student email accounts can go to the computer lab where the study rooms are and ask for an email account at the counter.