Court introduces new associate justices


Trent Coates (far left), Martin Moreno (left), Diego Lucas (middle), Rebecca Johnson (far right), discuss ASCC removing a senator from that position. Court meets on Tuesdays at 11. Photo credit: Kelly Nam

Kelly Nam, Staff Writer

The cap on court membership is known to be nine. At the last meeting two former members were dropped due to absences. Now, Diego Lucas and Rebecca Johnson are both associate justices of ASCC.

Two new members for court were appointed as new associate justices at the Tuesday, Feb. 9 meeting.

Johnson stated regarding her goals as a member, “Personally for me I just want to help out with [student] procedures and interpret laws to the fairest extent.”

On another note, it was discussed that due to state law, Alex Cervantes, a former ASCC senator, would not be allowed back in after all.

He previously presented his case where he was considered not eligible to participate in ASCC anymore due to not completing all five units at Cerritos College.

Although he was approved back in by court members, the decision was made after further investigation by faculty and staff including the dean and student lawyer.

As an example, they stated that even if you are a Cerritos College athlete and you don’t receive passing grades or complete enough units, you cannot participate in the team and the same goes for ASCC.

Martin Moreno, associate justice expressed, “I don’t think it was fair honestly but since its state law we cant do much about it as long as they knew after we made the decision.

“If they knew before, it put us in a position of why did we even vote on it in the first place and get his [Cervantes’] hopes up. As long as they knew after and did their research, there’s nothing we can do about it.”