Library implements iPads for student use

Kelly Nam, Staff Writer

What is a student have to do when a majority of assignments are done online in this technology-filled world?

What many students don’t know is that there are iPads in the library implemented in the beginning of this semester by Dr. JoAnna Schilling, former VP of Academic Affairs.

According to librarian and professor at the Learning Resource Center, Debra Moore, “Dr. Schilling was worried students were busy and saw that many of them were waiting for a computer in the lab.”

Moore continued, “This is an extra way to have machines to type with and get on the web as an alternative to computers, bringing in iPads is easier than bringing in 30 extra computers.

“The main point of bringing in the iPads is to address crunch-time more than anything.”

Students can get assignments done quickly, and it is an easier alternative for people that just want to get things done,” she added.

The iPads are easily accessible.

First, you go to the circulation desk, use your student I.D card, then you have up to three hours to rent it.

It is known that students haven’t taken much advantage of it.

A library technician expressed that not many students know about the iPads and about one student per day checks out a device, while there are days that none are checked out.

The technician believes it’s a new concept for students.

Rebecca Johnson, undecided major expressed, “To be honest, I have classes where I have to type up papers so I would rather have a regular desktop.

“I don’t have much use for an iPad but I know it is good for textbooks or e-books but, it’s not really my thing.”

Johnson continued, “But in the case of students needing to get things done quickly, not everyone’s able to get a computer and everyone should have the opportunity to use the technology. I’m just personally not used to tablets.”

Whatever your preference is, just remember that there are 40 plus iPads waiting to be rented out to students.