Off-campus homicides occur within 48 hours

Ethan Ortiz, News Editor

News outlets captured the fallout which occurred last Tuesday and Wednesday.

The first shooting took place at approximately 4:20 p.m. after a verbal confrontation started at the 7-Eleven which resulted in the death of a male in his late teens to early 20s in a nearby hospital.

There is no identification of the male that was shot.

According to Lieutenant Victor Lewandowski of the Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau, a report of the shooting being gang related is being investigated.

Plaza security stated four shots were fired.

“We have members of the crime lab out here, sheriff’s homicide investigators, we’re processing the scene […] trying to locate evidence. We’ll be locating any potential video surveillance and speaking with witnesses,” Lewandowski stated.

The suspect was pronounced dead at nearby medical facility.

The second shooting happened at approximately 5:14 p.m. the following day and is reported to not be related to the one prior.

The deputy involved had received a report that a vehicle was stolen.

Lieutenant Hernandez of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Homicide Bureau described the scene.

“[The deputy] approached the car and gave some type of command to the person driving. […] he heard the car turn on and at one point, we’re not sure where the deputy was standing, but the driver accelerates striking the deputy and that’s when the shooting occurs.

“The deputy who shot at the driver gets the driver out, starts to perform CPR and first aid until paramedics arrived,” stated Hernandez.

However, first-hand witness Natalie Beltran stated that the man at the 7-Eleven gas station was shot when the deputy pulled up and opened fire without warning .

The suspect was a Hispanic male who died from his injuries.

Hernandez does not believe the Feb. 24 shooting was related to the shooting which took place in the same intersection the night before.