Job Fair gears toward student applicable jobs

Kelly Nam

Bustling with students, faculty, employers and various tents, Falcon Square’s domain was busy with the Spring Job Fair on Thursday, April 7.

Approximately 61 employers took part in the fair.

“We sent out an invitation and also get calls to participate in the fair. Its twice a year, one in the Fall, and Spring. We gear the event towards jobs applicable to students such as entry-level.

We open it up to other community members as well as students,” Kay Bedesha, job placement technician discussed.

Some students were dressed in professional attire with folders and resumes on-hand while others stumbled into the event with an open mind.

Taylor-Erin Carter, music major expressed, “I came out of class and didn’t know it was here I think its a cool thing we have on campus to be able to walk out of class and have job opportunities.

“I’m currently employed, but still looking for a job so it is very convenient that the opportunity is right here.”

Some students knew exactly what they were looking for.

“I saw this event online and I came after class to see what is offered.

Katherine Martinez, nursing major stated, “The Downey Parks and Recreational leader position stood out to me because I want to get involved and help improve the community.”

Many of these jobs are geared toward students who are looking to work part-time but possibly make the job a career.

Patricia Harrison, representative from American Home Remodeling stated, “We are looking for someone who can communicate well, has great customer service, willing to be helpful, well mannered, confident, and outgoing, is a top attribute we’re looking for.”

She continued, “We work inside Home Depot and remodel bathrooms. The max hours is 30-35 hours, and you can make your own schedule so it works well with students that have school. There is a lot of potential for growth,”

Some companies were geared toward students in a specific field such as education and health.

Laura Chang, HR Specialist from Centralia Elementary School District expressed, “We’re looking for an energetic individual in the education side and interested in growing within a school district.

“We’re looking for on-call substitute teachers due to a shortage, also substitute councilors, substitute noon-rec supervisors, substitute bus drivers, substitute special-education aids, substitute custodians and this can absolutely turn into a full-time job.

Our on-call position is vey consistent so it would almost be like working everyday.”

For those interested in the health field, companies such as 24-Hour Home Care was present.

Diana Lee Senior Talent Acquisition coordinator stated, “We are a non medical home care agency.

We are looking for caregivers, CNAs, RNs, and LVNs to help our clients with day-to-day duties such as personal care and medication reminders and any non-medical duties.

We are looking for passionate people because it takes a lot of compassion and patience to provide that care for elderly client and children with special needs.”

For those who didn’t make the Job Fair, Career Services has a list of employers and their websites with their links.