Cerritos College hosts activism and earth day presentation

Alvaro Florez, Staff-Writer

Ralph Casas, philosophy instructor was the speaker for the Earth Day presentation on how humans can help the earth.

The presentation took place on Tuesday, April 19.

Casas said it took a week to plan this event which was promoted by the Go Green Task Force.

He said that people don’t treat the highways well when they liter which is harmful to the environment.

He also expressed concern that people need to be aware of harmful pollutants in the air which can cause pneumonia or chemicals that can cause a fire.

Casas hopes people take responsibility to make a difference because it doesn’t take a lot of effort to makes a difference in the world.

The Go Green Task Force reminded students that the campus has recycle bins on campus so that students can dispose of plastics properly.

Go Green wants to spread awareness every semester to educate Falcons on earth friendly activity.

They meet Mondays at 2:30pm in room BK111-112 located near the bookstore and activities office.

English Major Brian Jauragui said the presentation was inspiring.

Pale blue dot was the video presented, talking about global warming and how every one has to care about their environment.

Jauragui said more students need to be aware of their resources and how we must conserve energy and not harm the environment.

He enjoyed the active participation of the workshop including the freebies such as water and granola bars to promote healthy living.