Students win awards for their dedication

Gustavo Lopez

The Student Center was host to students, staff, professors and family as they celebrated the hard work of students and faculty together.

The ASCC Spring Awards Banquet was held at 6 a.m. on Friday, May 6.

One of the biggest scholarships, the Wayne Nunnery Facilities and Purchasing Leadership Award, for $1,500 went to ASCC Chief Justice Trent Coates.

Dr. Stephen Johnson, vice president of Academic Affairs, presented the award to Coates’ parents, since Coates was unable to attend.

Johnson said during his speech, “We are honored to award this scholarship to a deserving student leader who has very frequently gone beyond the call of duty in terms of time, and diligence.”

Trent Coates’s mother, Javonna Washington said about her son’s awards, “I feel a little overwhelmed, Trent has come from a place many people don’t know. He’s part of the DSPS [Disabled Students Programs and Services].”

Washington added that she is overwhelmed by how much Coates has accomplished over the past year.

Coates said, “I wasn’t looking for awards.”

Coates was at UC Berkley during the awards banquet.

He added that he is happy he met a lot of good people in ASCC, and that he appreciates them.

Jose Fierro, who won Man of the Year, said that he’d like to thank his campaigners and friends for all of their support.

“This award belongs to my campaigners and friends who were there from the start, and yeah it says my name on it but it’s their award,” he added.

Theatre major Isaac Simons-Araya was the master of ceremonies, and was not shy at all.

“I’ve done this before,” he said.

The Dean of Student Affairs Gilbert Contreras was proud of the accomplishments of the students.