Clinton visits Plaza Mexico


Hillary Clinton speaks at voting event at Plaza Mexico in Lynwood. Clinton gave a twenty minute speech on what she would do if she is elected president. Photo credit: Karla Enriquez

Karla Enriquez

Hillary Clinton gave a speech at a “Get out the vote” event at Plaza Mexico in Lynwood on Monday, June 6 at noon.

About 200 supporters gathered in front of “La Fachada”, a building that is modeled after the government building from the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

The center stage adorned with American flags was home to local politicians like Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who represents District 58 in which Norwalk is located.

She said, “I am here supporting Hillary Clinton, our next madam president, reminding the community that she has been with us and this time we’re with her.”

Actor for the television series, “Scandal”, Tony Goldwyn, who plays the role of President Fitzgerald Grant, introduced Clinton.

“I am for Hillary because she is a woman who has been a scholar activist and that’s since she was in college fighting for the same people since she was 18-years-old till the time now

[…] She has been fighting for children and women and American families who lack the resources to fight for themselves.

The actor continued, “She fights and she does not give up until she gets it done no matter how many times she gets knocked down and I think that is what we need.”

Clinton was onstage for approximately 20 minutes where she talked about immigration reform only to receive cheers from her supporters and mentioned her opponent Donald Trump several times.

“I’m proud that we’re an immigrant country,” she said while addressing Trump’s controversial remarks about immigrants.

Clinton reiterated her commitment to champion women’s rights stating, “Let’s do more to make sure women are treated equally and fairly.”

While on the subject she told her supporters that she would defend and not defund Planned Parenthood.

As she ran through her initiatives and policies, she assured her supporters if elected she would fight to maintain the Affordable Care Act.

With a wave, the former United States Secretary of State exited stage left and shook some of the hands of those waiting to greet her.

Puebla born Socorro Gomez is a Clinton supporter who believes it is time for a woman to be president.

“I’m here because I would [Clinton] to be the next president and I’m here to support her and I will be voting for her.

“I like that she’s a woman, I think it is about time that we have a woman president in the United States and she has experience as first lady.”

Gomez continued, “I think that she chose well by coming to these places because there are a lot of Latinos here and in all reality we have the power to make or break a president because we stand united to vote for them. For example, I talked to my family about voting for [Clinton].”

According to Lynwood Council Member Jose Luis Solache, this was not Clinton’s first time at the shopping plaza as she held a fundraiser event in 2008 at La Huasteca, the authentic Mexican restaurant Senator Sanders visited the afternoon before the June 6 rally.