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Board member Drayer censured

Benjamin Garcia, Co-Multimedia Editor

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Among administrative items and presentations, the Cerritos College Board of Trustees gave attention to an item and resolution, which ended in the reproach of a trustee member.

The consideration of approval of board resolution 16-0817A which was accepting the report and recommendations of an AD Hoc Committee regarding the complaints of Trustees Bob Arthur and John Paul Drayer.

It resulted in the choice to reprimand Trustee Drayer for violating board policies were discussed on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at the board.

Board member Marisa Perez presented a resolution to have a reprimand be a censure to Drayer for violating Board Policy 2715.9C and 2715.10 , which states that the members must recognize that contacts with the media are primarily handled by Board President Shin Liu.

This measure was met with some opposition.

Trustee Salazaar expressed a recommendation for the reprimand being upheld, accompanied by the Ad Hoc Committee also recommending a reprimand as opposed to a censure.

Drayer made a statement that he better understands board policy and hopes to work with the rest of the board more harmoniously before leaving the room prior to the vote taking place.

The board voted four ayes, one no, and one abstention resulting in the adoption of Perez’ resolution to move from public reprimand to censure.

Another item that received a considerable amount of attention form the board was item 34: the consideration approval estoppel and consent of a third party transfer of the senior housing facility, an approximate 5.5 acre portion of the college campus.

According to trustee Fierro, the contract states that Cerritos College is the landlord of the land only; not the business or the building. It is supervised by the city of Cerritos.

The city of Cerritos does all the paperwork and checks the companies.

“If they need the stipulations they approve that, our approval is strictly on the land based on the contract. We receive rent based on the lease of the land not the building, and on the sale of the building.” explained Fierro.

The college will receive three percent of the $31 million one-time rent, amounting to approximately $900,000.

Salazar abstained from voting, saying it would be irresponsible for the board to agree without much information.

Fierro commented that the resources acquired from the facility goes into a fund that has been designated for student initiatives such as Cerritos Complete and other scholarships. Fierro continued:

“Cerritos complete is doing well. We have 600 students, 80 percent of them are enrolled full time.

“It is gaining a lot of traction in community and local school districts. We are very excited to have the partnerships we do with our students and our school districts; and are looking forward to expanding the project next year.

Before any voting took place. the board recognized Director of Partnerships & Programs Sue Parsons as manager of the year.

Under Parsons Cerritos College obtained $5 million in grants, among which are from the Chancellor’s office in teacher preparation and the National Science Foundation.

These grants went to fund such programs as Cerritos Complete which saw its kickoff earlier this month.

Director of IT Patrick O’Donnel was recognized for the same honor that night, alongside Kimberly Applebury who was awarded Employee of the Month for July.

The woodworking department, represented by Anthony Fortner, woodworking instructor, was recognized for making new boardroom furniture.

According to Fortner, the department has also made the president’s office, the vice president’s office, a few conference rooms, and four deans’ offices in the past.

He continued, “It’s a way to teach the students how to perform real world experience in the workforce. The benefit is that the campus takes advantage of that labor and the offices are celebrated by anyone who comes from a different campus.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Board member Drayer censured