Interviewees campaign for Vice President of Human Resources position

Briana Hicks

Director of Student Program Services Norma Rodriguez expressed that since Vice Presidents have a high position, and are involved in all aspects of the campus, she would like someone who has the confidence to lead the institution, and be a voice for the campus.

On Monday and Tuesday open forums were held for two candidates that were running for the position of Vice President Human Resources.


Meet the Candidates


The two candidates were Director Of Human Resources and Risk Management Dr. Adriana Flores-Church and Supervisor of Human Resources Julianna Mosier for Pasadena City College.

Flores-Church, who works in house, was interviewed on the first day at the open forum. She introduced herself to the small group of audience members, and gave background information about herself and her years’ worth of experience.

When it came to the question portion of the forum, she admitted that the college had great people, but the morale of the college was down.

“I have over 20 years of experience in California community colleges in the Human Resources department, and I think also my doctorate degree in educational leadership will really help me be successful with this position,” Flores-Church said.

She told the crowd that if she was given the position of VP, that she would help the employees and keep people happy so that the employees could translate their happiness to the students.

Concerning the position, she acknowledged that she would like to accomplish some things if she was granted the promotion.


Easing Tensions


“I think right now there is a conflict between some groups [on campus], so I want to heal those relationships because by doing that we can spend more time serving [the students].

“I think it’s about healing those relationships and focusing on the primary functions of our jobs […], which is student success and help [students] to be successful,” she said.

When it came to Flores-Church forum interview, people were familiar with her because they knew her and worked with her already, but when it came to Mosier, she was an outsider.

On the second day of open forum interviews, the PCC Supervisor presented herself to a crowd of over 30 people.

She as well started off with an introduction about herself, and how she began her career in Human Resources.

She informed the audience

She informed the audience members that she began working in Human Resources in the private sector, such as businesses, but later she transitioned into working for Colleges in the public sector.

She started off at College of the Canyons, and later moved on to working for Pasadena City College.

Mosier expressed to the crowd that she was very happy at her current job, but that she was interested to see if she could get the job for VP at Cerritos College.


An Inviting Campus


“After I applied, I did a little bit of research […] I’ve talked to some people who know people who work here on campus or have worked here on campus, either previously or as an adjunct, and they have really great things to say. […] It sounds very exciting to me.

“I like the dynamic of a large campus. I’ve been at a smaller campus before and it was great but I love the dynamic that we have at Pasadena and Cerritos is huge, so I would love to be a part of that as well,” she said.

Mosier admitted that without knowing and being a part of the culture, understanding what’s really going on, that she’d have to evaluate what changes she wanted to make if she was offered the position.

“From some of the questions, it really sounds like just continuing to build relationships on campus is really important between the HR department, the unions, the senate and the management team. [As well as,] developing a greater sense of optimism on campus that we’re a team and we have what we need in place to serve our students to make them successful.”

During her interview, Mosier mentioned that if she was given the position that she would like to take a look at the staff and faculty contract because there may have been something left out of it, which left some people in the audience confused, such as President Dr. Jose Fierro.


Tying loose ends


“I was not clear [about] what her approach was because we had settled both contracts, both contracts are current, [and] there were no outstanding issues on either contracts,” he said.

But according to Mosier she was told two weeks ago by someone on the panel of her first level interview that there was one outstanding item, and if she got the position, then she would make sure that there was nothing left lingering with the contracts.

Rodriguez, who attended both open forums, said she is looking for the candidate that has the knowledge and experience to lead our institution for VP of Human Resources.