ASCC offers legislation workshop for students

Lizette Sainz

The first legislation presentation workshop took place on Tuesday, Nov. 7, at BK 111 it was presented by ASCC Standing Setup Orientation Board.

The orientation board consist of five members.

Political science major Megan KIm said, “I thought it was very helpful, when I was commissioner I wrote some legislations and I was so confused, and now this kind of cleared to me how to write, like for today like when I was writing I just knew what to write because the orientation workshop did a good job in explaining it to me.”

Anthropology major Justin Illescas said, “I think the workshop is very effective they actually taught how to write a legislation, what type of legislations and overall anybody can write legislations if they’re effective as it is.

“I think this is very important for people who are interested in student government because through legislation they can actually make a change here at Cerritos College.”

Presenter Eduardo de la Rosa said,”The purpose of the Standing Setup Orientation Board is to educate new incoming leaders providing information they might had missed.”

First-year senator Luis Islas said, “I’m happy to be part of this orientation board, it talks about how to be a better senator.”

Joseph Fierro, who is in his second year within student government said, “We put in a lot of work into this workshop, hopefully you guys enjoy it.”

De la Rosa went over in what was legislation structure has four topics,

  • Defining what legislation is
  • The different types of legislation within our student government organization
  • How properly structure a legislation
  • How big of an impact a legislation can go once it’s passed

Fierro said, “Every member came out with this idea on the orientation board, De La Rosa, Islas, Rojas, [and program facilitator of student affairs Amber Dofner].

“We thought it would be […] a good idea a legislation workshop done by students for other students.”

Dofner said, “As the program facilitator for Student Activities I’m the acting adviser of student government and I’m also the advisor to the senate orientation board.

“I think it’s great we have some senators, Fierro, senator De La Rosa, who have been here for a couple years, and they really felt the need for a legislation workshop as they mentioned at the beginning student government did had several trainings at the beginning of the semester, but legislation was something that was not covered.”

She added, “The board’s particular job is to educate incoming senators, but they felt it was really necessary to open it, not only senators, but to every single branch in student government as well as students that large.”

Dofner believes that students leading this makes it more relatable.

“Coming from students I think is more relatable for other students coming in to see they can actually do this,” she said.

“I think we will see more students attending to workshops, for those students who were unable to come I highly recommend to come to the orientations, as you can see is very educational as senator De la Rosa said to improve student life and get students to engage on campus, I think is really important for the ASCC,” she concluded.