SoCal storms bring damage to Student Success Center


Monique Nethington

Students and Faculty look upon the flooded success center as the damage is assessed. The flooding occurred on the afternoon of Friday, Jan 20, 2017. Photo credit: Monique Nethington

Jenny Gonzalez

At approximately 12 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 20 the Success Center was slightly flooded due to a back up drainage pipe near the rear exit of the building.

The flooding caused damage to the carpets but not to the computers situated in that area.

Michelle Rodriguez, Success Center Specialist said that when she came in to work, there was no damage, but “somewhere after 12 p.m, maybe 12:30 p.m.” she noticed the flooding.

“I.T. [staff] was able to get here and they removed all the computers and turned off the electricity to [the] pole [holding electricity ports] and they are going to remove them until facilities can come in and dry it out,” Rodriguez said.

I.T. Manager Javier Banuelos assessed the damage with, Custodian for Facilities Department Kevin Butler before other supervisors and electricians did.

Butler said, “I tried to contact my manager to see if he could come over. He would be better equipped to know how much damage it is. It is significant damage right now; it’s a good thing [the IT staff] got the computers out because with the wiring you don’t want to get the computers damaged.”

Yvette Juarez, Administration Clerk III received the call that her office was flooded at approximately 1 p.m.

“It’s my day off so I [was] surprised,” she said.

“I haven’t checked the boxes at the bottom because I don’t want to yet. I’m just going to wait until everything settles in, but I don’t think [there is damage] because mostly everything is on top,” she said.

Butler mentions that the drain outside the door is not draining and causing the water to go into the building.

“It’s going to rain probably thorough [Tuesday, Jan. 24] so we are going to see if we can get [the flooding] taken care of before then,” Butler said.

Updates will be provided as the story develops.