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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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ASCC Senate makes changes to Meal Money funding

ASCC Senator David Ramirez and Student Trustee Karen Patron discuss the updates for funds students who go on school trips use. The students receive a designated amount of $42 for meals per day, but must turn in receipts to continue to receive money. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Senate continued last week’s discussion on the Meal Money item, where senate will be able to provide money to students who request meal funding when they travel on educational trips.

This funding will cover the student’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

ASCC Senator David Ramirez presented a few new changes on the item funding that was passed on Wednesday, March 1.

He stated that the amount in the Meal Money funding $29 was not enough and has been an issue for students on their economy during their trips.

The legislation was changed from $29 to $42 per student, per day , per academic year from the Senate Fund account.

The new meal price limit for students is:

  • Breakfast $10.00
  • Lunch $14.00
  • Dinner $18.00

Another change in the legislation is that if a meal, or meals, are provided at the event, trip, workshop, etc., then the meal, or meals, will be deducted from the total funding of each student.

Ramirez said “ A lot of students could barely afford to go on these trips but they don’t have the money to eat there.

“I believe this updates our legislation, because back then it was only $29 for a day and now it’s up to $40 so a student can actually afford meals and get the nourishment [to] participate. We are actually able to do something for the students.”

He added that a lot of the Senators went to the Northern California trip where they visit several colleges in one week and benefited from the funding.

Senator Graciela Espejo was one the senators that used the funding in the Northern California trip and commented that it is a great idea that the funding was boosted to $42 because it helps current and future students.

“I’m very thankful they have this [funding because] it saved me a little bit of my money and I was able to buy a couple souvenirs at the North Cal trip,” Espejo said.

Senator Eduardo de La Rosa initially wrote the legislation and presented it to senate with Transfer Center Counselor Brittany Lundeen on March, 1 and was successfully passed in that meeting .

De la Rosa also benefited from the funding in the Northern California trip.

“I signed up to go and I got the phone call and they said ‘Hey, lucky you, Congratulations! You’re going to go, but you have to pay for your food’ and I was like ‘are you serious? For three days? That sucks [because] I’m broke […]

“I wrote up the legislation and presented it to Senate and everybody voted to support it,” de La Rosa said.

Student Trustee Karen Patron says the funding needed to be changed because it was a problem for students and the economy.

She added that senators discussed it but no one took action so she decided to act.

Patron also benefited from the funding and explained how the legislation works.

“I’ve gone to General Assembly various of times and they paid for my lunch.

“The adviser gives you the money to pay for the food and you have to give the receipts you get from the food to the adviser,” Patron said.

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ASCC Senate makes changes to Meal Money funding