Approval for kiosks delayed again


If the funding of the computerized kiosk legislation is approved, then this touchscreen will be placed in Falcon Square. Students will be able to interact with it and be notified of programs and club events.

David Jenkins

For the second time since last year 2016 a legislation is being introduced to ASCC Cabinet and senate. The legislation “Funding of Computerized Kiosk” is back on the table and it’s second try for it to be passed.

The electronic Kiosk would be interactive touch screens that would be placed on campus (most likely Falcon Square) and will allow students to go through it and be aware of promotion of student life, club activities, events and academic deadlines.

The funds were approved for the first time in 2016 by ASCC Cabinet and went back and forth as Senator Eduardo Del La Rosa explains.

“There was a different dean last year, the first time that it was approved it went to accounting services at all that. It reached a point where it stopped and they said ‘we know it passed through cabinet, but we need the senate to approve it.’ So then it came back and went back to senate then back to cabinet again just to be safe we took it forward then they said; ‘no we’ll wait! That’s a brand new system we just can’t do that yet’ it came back to senate again then the legislation was changed so it can fit what was being requested from accounting” Del la Rosa said.

On Wednesday, March 29 ASCC Senate sent the legislation back to cabinet.

Homecoming Queen Megan Kim who was the one who presented this to senate and will be back presenting it to cabinet on April 10, said she fears that this back and forth of senate and cabinet will happen again.

“I’m afraid it might again, to be honest. I’m not going to benefit from this because I want to transfer. I’m really doing this because I think it will be beneficial for the students; but if like this keeps getting tossed back and forth I don’t think there’s going to be people who are going to be working on it for next year [or] who could even continue on for next year. So, I am afraid that it might delayed,” she said.

Kim fears that since many of those on student government are transferring this semester and the combination of it getting delayed, it might be all together delayed another year, since many of those who understand and are familiar with the legislation proposal will no longer attend cerritos college, thus no longer be in student government.

Senator Del La Rosa, speaks of the last years proposal and how it didn’t get through the bureaucracy.

“When the year was coming to a close end, the purchase was made, the request was made. It was following the process, but it [stopped] being followed up on when; 1) our dean was transitioning to Fullerton college to pursue a career as vice president over there.

2) technical support denied the request because they said that they hadn’t seen it before. And typically in the past the dean of the department would make contact with them and say ‘hey you know what we’re interested in buying this, would this be able to comply with what’s required from the school.’ Then they denied it.”

De La Rosa continued by explaining when he brought this up to the current president Saul Lopez-Pulido.

“I asked the current president, ‘so hey why did they deny it?’ He said over the summer he meet with them and he said that they were unfamiliar with whats going on this just seemed so brand new.

“It was at the end of a leaving dean and that they didn’t feel comfortable approving until we had a new dean of who was well aware of what was going on and fully familiar with the program and that had the dean support also. Because you know some of us are leaving and they may not agree, but it does have the dean’s support now,” he said.

According to the presentation given by Kim to senate, the purchase of the device will be approximately $5,570, which is smaller than last year’s cost of $5,970.