DREAMer Club, Office of International student services each now have an ASCC commissioner representative


Homecoming Queen Megn Kim passes out her “New Commissioner position” legeslation proposal to oth ASCC senate and to the public. She was able to get majority vote and get it passed.

David Jenkins

Homecoming queen Megan Kim fulfills one of her campaign promises as ASCC Senate passed legislation allowing two new Commissioner positions; one to represent the DREAMer Club and one to represent international students.

Kim had been working on the legislation since January and was finally able to get the commissioner legislation passed at the Wednesday, April 12 ASCC senate meeting.

These two commissioner positions will focus on the needs of students who are undocumented, from south of the border and elsewhere with the help of two clubs, Office of International student services and the DREAMer club.

One commissioner will communicate with OISS and the other will communicate with the DREAM club.

During her presentation to senate Kim said; “I feel that bringing this commissioner position is a necessity with the current situation of the United States President. These students feel targeted and are victimized every day and having these representatives will make them feel welcomed here at Cerritos College.”

Kim had presented this legislation before to senate but needed to make some changes.

At first, she was asking for only one commissioner position for both groups but members of cabinet suggested she make them separate since both groups have different needs.

“Originally, I was going to combine them together because they were [ok] to work together, but cabinet recommend me to have them separate because they have different needs and I understood that.

“I know it’s going to be available for next year I’m really excited for international and Dream students to finally have a representative,” she said.

The main objective of these commissioner positions is to talk to students and to have a connection with ASCC instead of just being a part of a club.

ASCC President Saul Lopez-Pulido explained the requirements that are needed to obtain either commissioner positions.

“For all presidential appointees they have to be in good standing with the ASCC. Good standing meaning they have to have a 2.5 GPA, five current units, have paid their student fee and have their current semester sticker. That’s the minimal requirement.

All evaluations, all resumes and everything are at the discretion of the [ASCC] president at the time.”

With the majority of senate voting for the motion, those in senate saw that the it was good for students who they felt were being under represented.

Such senate members is Graciela Espejo.

“I voted [for the motion] because its a good way for students to actually be attributed” Espejo stated.

She went to explain that it well be helpful for Dreamers and International students to have a guide for them them on the knowledge of the campus and how the campus life works. She also thinks it’s a great idea that it’s in the bylaws.