La Mirada officially opens doors for Cerritos College classes


Hasmik Danielian, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District superintendent speaking at the opening ceremony at La Mirada adult school. Classes will now be available at the adult school from MATH, ENG and ESL. Photo credit: David Jenkins

David Jenkins

Cerritos College courses can now be taken in La Mirada Adult School as the doors for those classes were finally opened on Aug. 29.

Board members, staff and other officals from different cities gathered for an opening ceremony to offically commence and publicly thank all those involved including the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District.

According to President Dr. Jose Fierro, “Roughly 540 students are currently enrolled in La Mirada.”

Fifteen classes will be taken place at La Mirada, including:

  • Math 60, 100
  • English 52, 100, 103
  • ESL 60,100

The opening ceremony lasted 15 minutes with three individuals speaking and giving thanks to all those involved. Those who spoke were Fierro, Board of Trustees President Zurich Lewis and who Fierro calls his “partner in crime” Hasmik Danielian, NLMUSD superintendent.

Dr. Lewis grew up in La Mirada, and spoke of it during his speech saying “As you know, La Mirada is my hometown and will forever have a special place in my heart.

“It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to see more opportunities for students and residents in this area with more ways for people to reach their education and career goals.”

The project took nearly a year and a half to push an agreement with NLMUSD to make this possible.

He mentions that NLMUSD has collaborated extensively and has been a great partner for the process to be finalized.

“Obviously there was a lot of conversation on how to make this come true.

“The conversations were extremely positive, headed always in the right direction, so I think this is the beginning of more partnerships.”

Dr. Lewis belies that the negotiation process was smooth and done in time for the fall semester.

“Ever since we had our first conversation with NLMUSD about the this site, I think it moved relatively quickly and efficiently to make this happen in time for the fall semester.

Fierro says he is very grateful for Cerritos, La Mirada and Norwalk staff for the partnership and would like to do more things in the future with NLMUSD concerning high school students.