TUP sanctioned by Cerritos City Council 4-1

Jose Flores

City council during discussion of approving the teprary use permit
Photo credit: David Jenkins

The approval for the automobile storage facility that will be replacing the strawberry fields here on campus came after a presentation detailing the school’s proposal and 37 comments from the public at Cerritos City Hall.

The proposal claimed there would be lampposts erected in the lot that would be facing away from the houses, a fence covered in yellow trumpet vines barricading the lot and the cars stored will enter and exit from 166th st., through C-10, into the lot.

14 of the 37 public commenters, all community residents, voiced their concerns about how the lot imposed problems for them.

These problems revolved around light pollution entering the second stories of their homes, dust from the site of entering their property, crime rates rising, disturbances such as car alarms going off at night and increased traffic.

The opponents of the lot being transformed into a storage facility for the Norm Reeves branch of C.A.R. Group also expressed their disappointment in the school for not notifying the community or not notifying the community effectively.

Laura Ascondorf, community resident, submitted a petition signed by over 200 local residents opposing the temporary use permit (TUP).

Their concerns also included lampposts being too bright, the hours of operation being starting too early and ending too late and the distrust of the college allocating the revenue towards worthy causes.

Some of the 23 proponents included a few residents, representatives from the college such as Faculty Senate President Michelle Lewellen, representatives from the school and a representative and the CEO of the dealership.

A majority of the proponents argued that the money will not only benefit the students but also the community in tax revenues along with being open to the community’s feedback.

Of the proponents was Board of Trustee member Shin Lu, representing the area that is affected by the lot, affirming, “The Board of Cerritos will promise we will follow the recommendations from the City of Cerritos.”

In the end Mayor Grace Hu, Mayor Pro Tem Mark E. Pulido and council members Jim Edwards and Frank Aurelio Yokoyama voted in favor of the TUP leaving council member Naresh Solanki the only opposed vote.

president Dr. Jose Fierro speaking infront of Cerritos city Council
President Dr. Jose Fierro is speaking in front of Cerritos City Council. 14 of the 37 public commenters, all community residents, voiced their concerns about how the lot imposed problems for them. Photo credit: David Jenkins