ASCC senate holds first fall meeting with new faces


Newly elected senators being sworn in for the positions. This was the first ASCC senate meeting of 2017-2018. Photo credit: David Jenkins

David Jenkins

The Associated Students of Cerritos College had its first senate meeting of the 2017-18 semester.

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, the newly elected senators were sworn in by ASCC Vice President David Ramirez; five senators were appointed to new positions.

Senator Graciela Espejo was appointed to president pro tempore.

Being that the sophomores are the majority in senate, they chose Phil Herrera as majority leader.

The minority leader, chosen by freshmen, was Sara Martinez.

Voted by plurality of senate to be sergeant at arms was Joseph Escandon

The faculty senate liaison is now Alfred Quesada, and will be the liaison in Faculty Senate meetings on behalf of ASCC senate.

“The first meeting was exciting, thrilling, expiring and encouraging,” said Ramirez, “to see all these student leaders come out to this meeting ready to contribute to this college and ready to make some change.”

This was Ramirez first senate meeting that he lead and will be doing so for the year to come.

He said he was a bit nervous in the meetings as senator, just imagine him now as vice president.

Then there were other students that were appointed in ASCC Cabinet:

  • Ariel De los Santos as ASCC Treasurer
  • Esmeralda Murillo as Chief of Staff
  • Kurratul-ayan “Kay” Uraizee as Director of Academic Affairs
  • Angel Salcido as Director of Athletics
  • Desiree J Dykstra as Director of DSPS
  • Jacqueline Mendez as Director of Communications
  • Kadie Gurly as Director of Inter-club Council
  • Princess Florendo as Director of Student Activities
  • Sandra Ortiz as Director of Sustainability
  • Diego Martinez as Director of Veterans Affairs
  • Kawthur Azzam as Deputy Director of Inter-club Council
  • Stephanie Nunez as Deputy of Student Activities
  • Enrique Rueda as Deputy of Veteran Affairs

Appointment to Associate Justice was postponed next week due to Tania Martin’s absence, including the Director of Equality and Diversity appointment due to the agenda misplacing the word “equality” with “equity” for Ashna Perera.

Both positions will be officially appointed on Wednesday, Sept. 27.