OrgSync lives to serve another day


Dean of Student Services, Dean Miller speaking to ASCC Senate on allowing Orgsync to continue to be in use for Cerritos College students and its clubs. The vote was passed 20-9 for Orgsync to stay. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Carmelita Islas Mendez

The Associated Students of Cerritos College Senate has recently approved the proposed legislation to fund a contract with OrgSync.

OrgSync is a virtual community used by clubs and organizations for communication with others, for processing ASCC and club business and promote events and activities on campus.

The legislation passed with 20 to nine votes and one person abstained from voting.

OrgSync was previously funded by Student Equity, but are no longer doing so and other sources have been searched for to fund the contract.

The legislation was proposed by ASCC Senators Phil Herrera and Joseph Escandon to avoid services from being interrupted since the contract was three months overdue.

“A lot of the reasons that OrgSync has not been in use is because it is new technology on campus and has not has the time to be accepted by the clubs and the people who are interacting with it,” said Herrera.

There was opposition from other senators who felt that the contract was an unnecessary expense because it was not a well known method of communication on campus.

“I asked about 40 random students and only one person said they knew what OrgSync was. Do we really want to fund something that is not well known,” said one senator who felt that funding the contract was strain on a stretched-out ASCC budget.

“We have been trying to secure funding for the last six months and it has not been secured,” said Dean of Student Service Elizabeth Miller.

Efforts to secure funding through other mediums and sources had not been successful.

Herrera said that this was not an excuse to scrap the plan, but a reason to expand the awareness on OrgSync.

The budget was a main concern from many of the senators who were caution of passing the legislation. Herrera said that he understood that the Senators were trying to be “fiscally responsible.”

“This is not a business; with education it works differently. It is taxpayer money that is allocated every year and if you don’t use that money what it shows is that you don’t need that money,” Herrera said.

Escandon, president of the music club, said that as a club president OrgSync is crucial to processing paperwork in a timely manner as opposed to paperwork where “things taking up two months.”

OrgSync is beneficial to the students and clubs who use it because everything is done through the website and paperwork is susceptible to being lost which can lead to clubs not being funded for planned trips or events Escandon explained.

“Unfortunately, because every student doesn’t know about it; it is an issue that ASCC need to come up with a solution for,” Escandon said about the reservation other senators had.