Extended library hours during finals approved by ASCC

Carmelita Islas Mendez

Extended library hours for Cerritos College have been approved by the Associated Students of Cerritos College legislative branch.

The bill was presented after a demand for extended hours was demonstrated by significant attendance to the 2017 spring extended library hours.

The legislation was introduced by ASCC Vice President David Ramirez and supported by ASCC President Karen Patron on Oct. 4.

However, a decision on whether or not to approve the legislation had been postponed by one week since a decision of the times of library hours could not be made at the first meeting. It was brought up once again at the senate meeting on Oct. 11 .

Library hours will be extended to 2 a.m. on Monday through Friday Dec 4-8 and 11-14 and until midnight on Saturday and Sunday Dec. 9-10 and 15 before and during finals week.

The late hours caused concern and discussion among senators with most in favor of the later hours and some opposing.

Most senators argued in favor to keep the late hours keeping in mind that students work and that the late hours would be of more convenience since it would it allow for students to study on campus after work.

One senator argued that the late hours coincided with bar closing times and drunk drivers which would put students in danger of car accidents, as well as putting students in danger of assault on and off campus.

Senator Joseph Escandon, business and economics major, said, “I do believe it is a concern, but I do not think that it outweighs the possibilities for the students here.

We can talk to the students about partnering up and walking in groups if it is a concern, but I would hate to limit the students’ potential because of our projected or speculated concerns.”

Apart from concerns for students and their safety, there were fiscal concerns that some senators had with the legislature.

Senator Robert Campbell, political science major, said, “I think it was very important that we did not waste any unnecessary money especially in the budget shortfall that we are currently in.

“Figuring out a balance was very important to me and some other senators who wanted to make sure they were getting the best bang for the buck for all the students.”

Senator Phil Herrera, business major, said that he also wanted to make sure that money being allocated to the extended library hours were spent efficiently and to do that, senate needed to make sure that the added hours had a high student attendance.

Student outreach was also a big concern for all senators and named it as the biggest issue ASCC was having to make sure students took advantage of programs and services passed by senate.

Patron said that making sure students knew what services were available to them was the responsibility of all senators.

“I honestly think we need to invest more in the students here by giving them more hours and higher opportunity to succeed,” said Escandon.