ASCC looks to revamp bylaws

David Jenkins

A new task force as been put together to revise the bylaws and constitution that govern student government.

The Constitution and Bylaws Revision Task Force will consist of:

  • Dean of Student Services
  • Student Activities Coordinator
  • ASCC President
  • ASCC Vice President
  • ASCC Chief Justice
  • Two senator, appointed by the vice president
  • One cabinet member appointed by the president
  • One court member, appointed by the chief justice

According to the joint legislation introduced by ASCC President Karen Patron and second by vice president David Ramirez, it stated;

“Student leaders have a hard time interpreting and implementing the constitution and bylaws due to vague language and unspecified procedures.”

“It’s really not working for us,” said Patron, “the bylaws are dated. That fact that they were written so many years ago and nobody has really taken the time to look at them, read them and update them the English language we use today.”

Over the summer, Patron and her chief of staff sat down and tried to see what it is they could do to revise the bylaws.

“we dedicated the entire summer to it. My chief of staff and I, we tried to work on them and read it piece by piece,” she said, I’m hoping with the new revisions we can have something clean.”

Ramirez who second the motion said “the purpose of this legislation is to create a task force who will review the bylaws.”

Ramirez also voiced his concern about the current bylaws being “scattered” and that the “contents are not together.”

An example that Ramirez brought up was the procedure of impeachment.

“If you have something like impeachment procedures, the actual procedure will be like 10 pages away from talking about it. It will bring it up in one spot but 10 pages later ‘here’s how you do it.” he said.

The committee started meeting on Oct. 16, they’ll be working through out the fall semester and the task force need to have something finalized by Jan. 10 of next year at the first ASCC senate meeting of the spring semester.

Then from Jan 10 until presidential and student trustee elections is when ASCC senate needs to finalize and take action in the legislative process.