ASCC approves Elton John benefit

Jenny Gonzalez

Elton John has been approved by Associated Students of Cerritos College senate to host a benefit partially funded by The Cerritos College Foundation and ASCC.

It will cost $1 million dollars for Elton John’s “charitable fee” to perform at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

According to Andrew Maz, music instructor, this benefit, “could change the landscape of the campus and bring an awareness that the campus hasn’t had probably ever, if not, in a very long time.”

At the Nov. 8 senate meeting, ASCC approved that it will loan $500,000, to the music department, while The Cerritos College Foundation will loan the same amount.

It has been established that the full amount of $1 million dollars will be reimbursed with the benefit profits.

Cerritos College is currently working with Yamaha Music Corporation, where the proceeds- which was a predicted $6-7 million- will be used for the Cerritos College Performing Arts Center interior design, according to ASCC Vice President David Ramirez.

He expressed the “[music department is] getting a new building but [will] not [get] anything new inside, so the money is being raised to fund concert pianos, new instruments, programs, [etc].”

Stated in the senate legislation, “the required equipment and technology will cost at least three million dollars, which neither the music department nor the Cerritos College district currently possesses.”

The legislation states that the proceeds will be used to furnish the equipment and technology for the building.

The remaining proceeds will be placed in an endowment fund to create scholarships for the music students.

This has been an ongoing project for two years.

Maz said, “The department decided to pursue a fundraising event in July 2016. The goal is to create a state-of-the art facility for music education and training. We choose Sir Elton John because of his contributions to music and his charitable nature.”

He is expected to perform in October 2018.