Student Awareness Proposal supported by ASCC


Sociology major Carina Rodriguez speaking to ASCC senate, alongside her, Luis Guzman history major. They spoke on bringing awareness to students about resources. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Jenny Gonzalez

The Cerritos College Student Awareness Proposal webpage that provides numerous resources for the student body was approved 20-2 of the senators voting yea at the ASCC Senate meeting.

At the Wednesday, Nov. 8, meeting, the legislation was given a stance of support by ASCC.

Carina Rodriguez, psychology major, was instrumental in this proposal, stating, “I realized students needed to know they had services and resources available that could help the financially.”

She, Johnny Rodriguez, library technical clerk and Luis Guzman, history major, conducted a survey for 182 people to see whether they were knowledgeable about student resources.

Dean of Academic Success Shawna Baskette has also been involved with the proposal.

It is noted in the presentation that:

  • 74.2% are unaware of what they are paying for in the Student Activity Fee
  • 50% knew about access to computers and printing services in the Student Activities Office
  • 60.4% don’t know what they are paying for in the Student Health Fee
  • 40.1% said they don’t know anything about health services
  • 41.8% don’t know about library resources
  • 53.8% of students are unaware that with the email provided by Cerritos College, they are able to access programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel online for free
  • 49.5% of students do not know how to get the student email

“My favorite question, and the most important one I believe [is], ‘When it comes to better advertising these resources on campus, 96.2% of students want that to happen,’” Johnny said.

There are three different ways to expand awareness:

  1. Using the computers in the computer lab, where students have access to the link
  2. Feature the link on main campus website
  3. Using it on MyCerritos student website

Most senators raised their hands when asked if they use MyCerritos.

“There is no better place than to tell you about the resources that you have, than at MyCerritos,” Carina said.

Through the Library section on the school website, the resources are compiled in a link listed under the “College Links” tab “Campus Resource for Students.”

In this tab, resources for academics, child care, community services, financial aid, health services, homeless student services and veteran services have been listed.