Shades structures incomplete


David Jenkins

Shades structures, such as these, across campus have been called pointless. However, these are not the finished product, a top is still needed.

David Jenkins

The shade structures in front of the administrations office and library are construction projects that are not yet finished according to Director of Physical Plant and Construction Services David Moore.

“It’s been quite the challenge” says Moore, concerning the top of the structures, namely the lack of shade it is supposed to provide.

When designed, it was done with the intent of having a shade covering similar to that of the science building.

Moore goes on to mention the Division of the State Architect in his explanation as to why the shade structures are incomplete.

“This is common, when you have something that is unknown, we knew a top was going on it and what kind of top was going on it, but who ever got the contract to put the top on, how they attach it is up to them,” said Moore.

This is called a “deferred approval” according to Moore.

He continued, “So DSA approved them and we had a deferred approval for the top and DSA has been very difficult to get the approval. In fact we’ve been up there numerous times talking to them in central L.A […] so while we have been waiting for these tops to be approved we went ahead and built these things and we didn’t dream it would take this long.”

He went on to say laughing “They’re not finished, everyone asks about them.”

Moore said he’s heard a lot of positive feedback about the new sites being a cool place to hang out.

“More than anyone, I want to see the tops put on on” Moore said.

These newly constructed spaces are meant to provide spots for students to hang out, or for faculty to take their students out for out-door classrooms, according to Moore.

Moore and his team are ready to put up the tops once they get approval from the DSA and they’ll be “going up fast.”

Cerritos College already has the top of the shade structures made and in there possession and are just waiting for the DSA approval.