WPMD gets funds for Broadcasting convention in New York

David Jenkins

The Associated Students of Cerritos College senate passed legislation that will be giving funds of $4455 to five students and one advisor from the college broadcasting station, Where People Make a Difference.

The funds will be used to attend a broadcasting convention in New York.

Casey Piotrowsky, co-advisor of WPMD, said “The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System is the most prestigious college broadcasting awards in the country.

“We have 14 different students nominated for 10 awards this year including best community college radio station, we’ve been nominated for this award four out five years, and best streaming radio station.

“I am thrilled. It’s an honor and it speaks to how great the students are and how dedicated they are to the radio.”

Jalil- Rashid Norman, film and television major, has been nominated and is going to New York. He is excited about the event.

“I am very happy to go even if we don’t win, it’s great to just be nominated I am very grateful for everything,” he said.

According to Piotrowsky, four times in five years WPMD has been close to winning the trophy.

“I hope we win. We have it coming, four times in five years. Four times in five years we have been a bridesmaid. The trophy should be ours and we are certainly good enough to win. It is in God’s hands” he said.

WPMD has been active on Cerritos College for over 40 years.

They’ll be attending the convention from March 1-4 in New York City to retrieve their nominations.

“It’s important that we support what WPMD is doing, they are very involved with ASCC” said Senator Phil Herrera.

During the presentation, there was confusion amongst the senators as to where the money was going and how it was being allocated.

The chart describing how the funds were to be used, which was presented was not adding up and was pointed out by ASCC Chief Justice Rodrigo Quintas.

“Our job as students leaders from my understanding and position is not necessarily to nitpick at every item but to make sure that the amount [clubs] are requesting is not something that is unreasonable” said Herrera

He continued “We’ve approved this legislation, but there is a process; we’re not just going to release the funds until they show proper documentation or a quote from a hotel and then the funds were released by the administration.

“I think Rodrigo was bringing up a point from a place of concern because you want you’re people to do their math correctly.”

WPMD has an open space on its broadcasting schedule from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for ASCC senate when it takes place every Wednesday.